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Elected Officials

Donald J. Trump, 45th President
Senator Ted Cruz
Governor Greg Abbott
Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick
Attorney General Ken Paxton
Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller
Congressman Jake Ellzey, TX-6
Congresswoman Beth Van Duyne, TX-24
Congressman Roger Williams, TX-25
Congressman Michael Burgess, TX-26
Hon. Kenny Marchant, former Congressman, TX-24
Sharen Wilson, Tarrant County District Attorney
Sheriff Bill Waybourn
State Senator Kelly Hancock, District 9
Representative Phil King, District 61
Representative Stephanie Klick, District 91
Representative Jeff Cason, District 92
Representative Matt Krause, District 93
Representative Tony Tinderholt, District 94
Representative David Cook, District 96
Representative Craig Goldman, District 97
Representative Giovanni Capriglione, District 98
Gary Fickes, County Commissioner Precinct 3
Tom Wilder, Tarrant County District Clerk
Mary Louise Nicholson, Tarrant County Clerk
Darrell Huffman, Tarrant County Constable
Dale Clark, Tarrant County Constable
Konni Burton, former Texas Senator
Jonathan Stickland, former Texas Representative
Bill Zedler, former Texas Representative
Rick Green, former Texas Representative
Andy Nguyen, former County Commissioner
David Woodruff, former Constable
Mike Pappas, former Constable
Gary Blanscet, former Justice of the Peace
Charlie Garza, former State Board of Education Member

Shannon Wood, Tarrant County College Trustee
Mike Moncrief, Former Fort Worth Mayor,
Tarrant County Judge, and State Senator
Zim Zimmerman, Former Fort Worth City Council
Roy English, Former Tarrant CountyJudge
Armin Mizani, Keller Mayor
Raul Gonzalez, Arlington City Council
Victoria Farrar-Myers, Former Arlington City Council
Dave Gebhart, former Bedford City Council
Bobby Lindamood, Colleyville Mayor
Richard Newton, Former Colleyville Mayor
Callie Rigney, Colleyville City Council
Chuck Kelley, Colleyville City Council
Kathy Wheat, Colleyville City Council
Nancy Coplen, Former Colleyville City Council
Jesse Johnson, Crowley City Council
Tiffany Chandler, Haltom City Council
Jack Lewis, former Haltom City Mayor
Bob Watkins, former Haltom City Councilmember
Gary Hulsey, Haslet Mayor
John Miller, Hurst City Councilmember
Ross McMullin, Keller City Council
Shannon Dubberly, Keller City Council
Tag Green, former Keller City Council
Patrick Jacob, Mayor of Lakeside
Julie Short, Mansfield City Council
Stacey Morse, Richland Hills City Council
John Huffman, Southlake Mayor
Shawn McCaskill, Southlake City Council Mayor Pro Tem
Chad Patton, Former Southlake City Council Mayor Pro Tem
Randy Williamson, Southlake City Council Deputy Mayor Pro Tem
Amy Torres-Lepp, Southlake City Council
Kathy Talley, Southlake City Council
Dr. Randy Robbins, Southlake City Council
Ronell Smith, Southlake City Council
Andy Wambsganss, former Southlake Mayor
Kelly Jones, Westworth Village Mayor
Matthew Marchant, former Mayor of Carrollton
Glen Blanscet, former Carrollton City Council
David Koch, former Farmers Branch City Council
Tim Scott, former Farmers Branch City Council
Ben Robinson, former Farmers Branch City Council
Harold Froehlich, former Farmers Branch City Council
Michelle Holmes, former Farmers Branch City Council
Kelly Jones, Westworth Village Mayor
Roy Magno, former Mayor of Aubrey
Hannah Smith, CISD School Board Trustee
Cam Bryan, CISD School Board Trustee
Eric Lannen, CISD School Board Trustee
Andrew Yeager, CISD School Board Trustee
Alex Sexton, CISD School Board Trustee
Deborah Frazier-Johnson, former CISD School Board Trustee
Frank Carroll, former City Councilman City of Colleyville
Shannon Braun, Grapevine-Colleyville ISD School Board Trustee
Tammy Nakamura, Grapevine-Colleyville ISD School Board Trustee
Carolyn Morris, former Southlake City Councilmember
Craig Rothmeier, former CISD School Board Trustee
Matt Bryant, former CISD School Board Trustee
Dr. Charles Randklev, Keller School Board Trustee
Jack McCarty, former Birdville ISD School Board President
Keziah Farrar, Mansfield ISD School Board
Judge Mike Farhat (Retired)
Judge Brent Keis (Retired)
The Hon. Angela Powell

Joe Livingston, candidate for Texas House District 92
Eric Mahroum, former Trump Administration Senior Advisor
Pat Deen, Parker County Judge

Republican Party Officers

Matt Rinaldi, Republican Party of Texas* Chair

Tom Mechler, former Republican Party of Texas Chair

Lt. Col. Allen West, former Republican Party of Texas Chair

James Dickey, former Republican Party of Texas Chair

Cathie Adams, former Republican Party of Texas Chair

Rick Barnes, Tarrant County GOP Chair

Steve Atwell, SREC District 9

Anne Gebhart, SREC District 9

Warren Norred, SREC District 10

David Wylie, SREC District 12

David Halvorson, former SREC District 12

Steve Hollern, former Tarrant County GOP Chair

Darl Easton, former Tarrant County GOP Chair

Tim Davis, Tarrant County GOP Chief Counsel

David Whitington, Tarrant County GOP Chaplain

Darren Keyes, former Tarrant County GOP Chief Counsel

Rich DeOtte, former Tarrant County GOP Vice Chair

Ann Marie Birdwell, former Tarrant County GOP Vice Chair

Cole Mushegan, President of TCU College Republicans

Jonathan Gaspard, former NE Tarrant County Young Republicans President

Derrick Wilson, Past President of Tarrant County Young Republicans

John Konderla, Tarrant County GOP Area Leader District 91

Andra Beatty, Tarrant County GOP Area Leader District 93

Steve Eklund, Tarrant County GOP Area Leader District 94

Erin Rodriguez, Tarrant County Area Leader District 95

Chuck Mogged, Tarrant County GOP Area Leader District 98

Katheryn Moore, Tarrant County Area Leader District 99

Vanessa Mason, Tarrant County GOP Area Leader District 101

Michelle Sanchez, Precinct Chair 1004

Tanya Bryant, Precinct Chair 1021

Russ Brucks, Precinct Chair 1034

Ruben Jimenez, Precinct Chair 1094

Chris Goetz, Precinct Chair 1095

Kitty Berger, Precinct Chair 1108

Dr. Stephanie Janiak, Precinct Chair 1111

Marshall Hobbs, Precinct Chair 1120

Eric Robertson, Precinct Chair 1142

Terry Munford, Precinct Chair 1146

Janel Jones, Precinct Chair 1151

Roy Lozano, Precinct Chair 1175

Vicky Underhill, Precinct Chair 1186

Carlos Turcios, Precinct Chair 1207

David Lambertsen, Precinct Chair 1227

Danna Trowbridge, Precinct Chair 1255

Jeff Barnes, Precinct Chair 1265

Shanda Perkins, Precinct Chair 1271

Carol Guarnieri, Precinct Chair 1296

Jesse Taylor, Precinct Chair 1297

Jennifer Blounty, Precinct Chair 1298

Kaye Moreno, Precinct Chair 1416

Nanette Monte, Precinct Chair 1423

Ramey Chupp, Precinct Chair 1463

Jane Graf, Precinct Chair 1641

Dan Tully, Precinct Chair 1719

Mark Hanson, Precinct Chair 2055

Leslie Recine, Precinct Chair 2112

Brenda Dietrich, Precinct Chair 2145

Bill Eastland, Precinct Chair 2168

Hector Casanova, Precinct Chair 2173

Susan Valliant, Precinct Chair 2174

Kim George, Precinct Chair 2205

Billie James, Precinct Chair 2281

Michael Sabat, Precinct Chair 2299

Tricia Lukaska, Precinct Chair 2303

Mark Liberto, Precinct Chair 2309

Donna Korman, Precinct Chair 2314

Laraine Bethke, Precinct Chair 2358

Brandon Frizzell, Precinct Chair 2435

Mary Garza, Precinct Chair 2438

Bill Daley, Precinct Chair 2442

David C Rakes, Precinct Chair 2522

Natalie Cato, Precinct Chair 2524

Gerald Kern, Precinct Chair 2541

Brian Bledsoe, Precinct Chair 2553

Karyn Douglas, Precinct Chair 2556

Craig Ownby, Precinct Chair 2613

Stacy Penney, Precinct Chair 2614

Laura Oakley, Precinct Chair 3035

Ed Turner, Precinct Chair 3036

Leigh Wambsganss, Precinct Chair 3039

Greg Almond, Precinct Chair 3054

Jerree Frazier, Precinct Chair 3064

Francine DeLongchamp, Precinct Chair 3114

Rick Mitchell, Precinct Chair 3139

Janet Brunner, Precinct Chair 3160

Jason Butz, Precinct Chair 3164

Crystal Main, Precinct Chair 3177

Chris Hulsey, Precinct Chair 3192

Janna Easton, Precinct Chair 3212

Rosalie Escobedo, Precinct Chair 3216

Tamma Gunn, Precinct Chair 3247

Sheridan King, Precinct Chair 3283

Rick Roberts, Precinct Chair 3287

Regan Snyder, Precinct Chair 3330

Richard McCook, Precinct Chair 3334

James Ashby, Precinct Chair 3335

Frances Scharli, Precinct Chair 3359

Bill Baugh, Precinct Chair 3361

Mary Stone, Precinct Chair 3364

Greg Girard, Precinct Chair 3372

David Taylor, Precinct Chair 3385

Ernest Taylor, Precinct Chair 3386

Elouise Kennedy, Precinct Chair 3387

Mike Brown, Precinct Chair 3389

John Brieger, Precinct Chair 3390

Charles Baetz, Precinct Chair 3443

Shelley Rayburn, Precinct Chair 3465

Kenya Alu, Precinct Chair 3486

Lynn Kishaba, Precinct Chair 3500

Deborah Frazier-Johnson, Precinct Chair 3502

Carol Coy, Precinct Chair 3509

Christie Reed, Precinct Chair 3510

Tom Moore, Precinct Chair 3526

Mary Childs, Precinct Chair 3527

Fred Stovall, Precinct Chair 3529

Nancy Harrison, Precinct Chair 3530

Al Zito, Precinct Chair 3538

Alan Drennan, Precinct Chair 3542

Donna Baker, Precinct Chair 3545

Bryce DeArmond, Precinct Chair 3552

Glenn Story, Precinct Chair 3558

Dyanna Groves, Precinct Chair 3567

Carrie Dugan, Precinct Chair 3637

Douglas Smith, Precinct Chair 3646

Matthew Graham, Precinct Chair 3648

Ruth Ray, Precinct Chair 3696

Joel Starnes, Precinct Chair 3698

Brendan Walsh, Precinct Chair 3725

John Fowler, Precinct Chair 4046

Katheryn Moore, Precinct Chair 4065

Gloria Sanchez, Precinct Chair 4067

Karl Diederich, Precinct Chair 4121

William Wynne, Precinct Chair 4135

Eric Morris, Precinct Chair 4141

Tom Quinones, Precinct Chair 4218

David Staine, Precinct Chair 4261

Spencer Finch, Precinct Chair 4344

Jim Sutton, Precinct Chair 4410

Lisa Katniss Grimaldi, Precinct Chair 4429

Matt Forbes, Precinct Chair 4454

Keren Stein, Precinct Chair 4495

Larry Stevens, Precinct Chair 4499

Becki Fowler, Precinct Chair 4532

Charlie Levitt, Precinct Chair 4533

Shellie Surles, Precinct Chair 4591

Trent Hill, Precinct Chair 4702

Organizations and Community Leaders

Ross Perot Jr.
Don Woodard Jr., President of Western Companies
Texas Right to Life
Young Conservatives of Texas
Arlington Police Association
Fort Worth Police Association
Tarrant County Law Enforcement Association
Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas, CLEAT 
Texas Home School Coalition
Texas Values Action
Southlake Families PAC
Project Excellence Texas PAC
True Texas Project PAC
Tarrant Republican Club PAC
Fort Worth Republican Women
Arlington Republican Club PAC
Grapevine Republican Club
Keller Republican Club
Frederick Douglass Republicans of Tarrant County PAC
Reagan Conservative Club of Texas
For Liberty and Justice PAC
Grassroots America
Texas Eagle Forum

American Education Advocates
Greater Fort Worth Builders Association

Tarrant County Candidate Fair and Straw Poll 2022
Pastor Rafael Cruz
Kelly Shackelford, President and CEO of First Liberty Institute
Tom O. Moncrief, Fort Worth Businessman
Stuart and Kathy Lane, DFW Conservative Voters, "The Green Card"

Kevin Carey, Texas Republican Assembly President
Tim Lambert, Texas Home School Coalition President
Blake Woodard, Fort Worth Businessman
Dana Loesch, Nationally Syndicated Radio Host and Best-Selling Author
Mike Gallagher, Nationally-Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host
Kevin Freeman, The Blaze TV's Economic War Room Host
Jon-David Wells, DFW Talk Radio Host
Chris Salcedo, television and WBAP radio broadcaster
Chad Hennings, Super Bowl Champion and Dallas Cowboys Alum
David Barton, founder of Wallbuilders
Tom Chambers, founder of Chemical Lime

Chaplain Rich Stoglin, Fredrick Douglass Republicans*
Congolese for Trump
South Asian Republican Club, USA
Trayce Bradford, former Texas Eagle Forum President
Tom Ha, Texas Asian Republican Assembly N. Texas, At-Large Board Member
Jason Ellis, Northwest Republican Club President
Jube Dankworth, President of Texas Home Educators
Curtis McCaffity, Texas Conservatives Unite PAC Director

Small Business Owners & Other Patriots

Jobob Aanenson

Alicia Abram

Amy Ackermann

Mary Adrian

Randy Adrian

Buford Alexander

LaShonda Alford

Guyler Allbright Jr.

Andy Allen

Debbie Allen

Don Allen

Heather Allen

Marc Allen

Paul Allen

Yvonne Allen

Ann Alley

Candice Allison

Richard Almaguer

Paul Alvarado

Susan Anders

Brian Anderson

Donna Tribunella Anderson

Kirsten Anderson

Kurtis Anderson

Marge Anderson

Campbell Anthony

Angela Arce

Jamie Armstrong

Dean Arnold

Bobbi Arthu

Bill Atkins

Kim Audi

Timothy Back

Marvin Bahnman

Jamie Baker

Kathryn-Alizabeth Baker

Ronald Baker

William Balkon

Makenna Bandy

Jonathan Bao

Jeff Bartlett

James Bass

Kirsey Bass

Kirsten Bass

John Bateson

Magdalena Battles

Cheryl Bean

Kelly Beck

Amy Becker

Kirk Becker

Amy Bei

Stephen Bei

Christopher Bennett

Melody Bennett

Ron Bennett

Jennifer Benton

Kimberly Bergen

Frank Bernardo

Derrick Berry

Kelsi Berry

Chris Betts

Bennett Bibza

Csongor Bibza

Teresa Biery

Robyin Bird

Matt Birdwell

Jason Bishop

Natalie Bishop

Chip Bittman

Karen Bittman

Randy Blackburn

Courtney Blair

Jeff Blanchard

Paula Bledsoe

Mette Blockhan

Roland Bobinger

Joni Bockenfeld

John Bolser

Junior Bompeti

Patricia Bonaparte

Sandra J Bonar

Andrew Bond

Linda Boney

Rodney Boney

Dan Bongino

Hunt Bonneau

Reese Bonneau

Skyler Bonneau

Terry Boone

Peggy Borchert

Valerie D Bowen

Ken Bowens

Rachel Bowman

Mamie Boyd

Kristen Boydston

Kelly Bozeman

Larry Bradford

Judy Bressinck

Phillip Bressinck

Lorie Brewer

Teri Brewer

Nancy Breyer

James Broadwater

Roberta Brock

Bridgett Lynne Brogdon

Amy Brooks

Kyle Brooks

Dr. Taylor Brooks

Jane Brown

Matthew Brown

Christian Brousseau

Dale Brumbalow

Ethan Bruner

Gary Bruner

Shannon Bruner

Teresa Bruner

Amanda Bryan

Deanna Bryant

Adam Buczek

Gloria Buczek

John Buczek

Larry Buck

Paul Budvitis

Joann Bula

Lisa Burguiere

Kimberly Burke

Margaret Burnette

Nomi Burns

Christopher Burton

Phil Burton

Anh Chi Busboom

Kurt Busboom

Stephanie Busby

Adam Butcher

Amber Butcher

Maria Butler

Coleen Byrns

Vicki Caldwell

TK Campbell

Amy Canada

Justin Canada

Jonathan Carey

Bill Carlton

Hector Casanova

Jennifer Casey

Kevin Casey

Lindsey Castner

April Cate

Justin Cate

Zachary Cate

Maurice Caya

Patti Caya

Ashleigh Challgren

Kirk Challgren

Darrick Chambers

Tom Chambers

Nathan Chandler

Patsy Chappell

Summer Chappell

Elizabeth B. Chavez

Brian Childers

Norman Childers

Doug Chitwood

Christi Clanton

David Clay

Jennifer Clendaniel

Scott Clendaniel

Tina Clifton

David Clines 

Armando Cobos

Anne Coker

Gary Coker

Amanda Coleman

Carla Collier

Jack Collier

Michael Collier

Fred Collins

Jill Combe

Carolyn Cook

Jeanne Cook

Steve Cook

Caren Cooper

Anna Cordova

Mario Cordova

Louis Corna

Liza Coughlin

Keith Coulter

Bonnie Cox

Connie Cox

David Glenn Cox

Scott Cox

Christy Craig

Jeff Craig

Randy Crawford

Andy Cromer

Melanie Currin

Kelly Cypert

Francisco d'Anonia

Julie Dagle

Jun Dai

Faye Dale

Carol Daley

Dan Davis

Sandy Davis

Angie Dawkins

Inay Amanda Dawn

Jeanne Defferari

Yvette DeOtte

Carolina Del Calvo

Jason Del Calvo

Kathy Del Calvo

Leo Del Calvo

Ingrid DePinto

Robert Devine

Jackie Doss

Heather Drolet

George Chen

Mia Cook

Kristin Del Mul

Dianna Delp

Charles Denson

Penna Dexter

Greg Dickey

Karinne Dikes

Marla Dinohue

Spencer Dixon

James Dollar

Nancy Donnelly

Richard Donovan

Kelly Dorman

Jo Drake

Keith Driscoll

Will Dryden

Dr. Don C Dunlap

Georgi Dye

Justin Ead

June Earp

Ronald Easley

George Edwards

Kristin Edwards

Mike Edwards

Virginia Elder

Cary Lee Ellis

Cathie Ellis

Tim Ellsworth

Cheryl Embry

William Ennis

Rosalie Marie Escobedo

Beth Etheredge

Susan Eudaley

Larry Evans

William David Evans

Jeff Fancher

Cynthia Fanning

George Wilson Faris

Joe Farkas

Keziah Farrar

Lola Farris

Andi Fell

Bob Fello

Greg Felts

Joyce Fiaccone

Chad Fillmore

Dusty Fillmore, III

Hartson Fillmore

Joshua Finkenbinder

Becky Fisher

Jonni Lynn Fisher

Doug Fletcher

Jason Flynt

Christine Forrest

Michelle Foskey

Dale Fout

Mandy Fraiche

Tracy Fraiche

Rob Fraiche

Kelly Franklin

Sheila Franklin

Bryan Frasier

Shelly Frasier

Linda Frederick

Kevin Freeman

Bo French

Harold Froehlich

Michael Fuller

Jennifer Gallagher

Dr. Robert Galvan

Dale L Garrelts

Pamela Garrett

Carolyn Garvin

Coral Gates

Bryan Gaudin

Jessica Gaudin

Howard Geisel

Anne-Marie George

Tim George

Kathryn Gerrity

John Giddens

Michael Gilbert

Brandan Giles

Casey Giles

Barbara Girouard

Cara Gladden

Kevin Gladden

Toni Rhodes Glover

John Paul Knuppe

Breanne Goeke

Kyle Goeke

Danita Gonder

Kerry Gonzalez

John Graeve

Jane Graf

Edd Gray

Jessica Gray

Kristin Gray

Malloree Gray

Thomas Gray

Tommy And Kristin Gray

Sherry Gregory

Allen Green

Betty Ann Grice

Chuck Grice

Lance Griffin

Liz Griffin

Deborah Grimes

Terry Grimm

Mary Grisham

Nancy Grist

Ron Groeneveld

Clint Groom

Karen Groom

Paul Grove

Dyanna Groves

Nancy Groves

Jan Grubbs

Chris Gruensfelder

Kenneth Grunden

Marsha Grunden

Ricky Grunden, Sr.

James Guerriero

Brenda Haberman

Charles Hahn

Brad Haile

Janice Haile

Collin Hain

Ramona Hall

Scott Hall

Anne Halter

Jack Halter

Janet Halvorson

Susan Hamiilton

Delores Hammond

Cody Hamrick

Carol Han

Lawrence Hancock

Erik Hanson

Pamela Hanson

Andrea Harbaugh

James Hardin

Stephen Hardin

Gary Hargett

Sherry Hargett

Lisa Harrington

Brion Hart

Kimberlee Hart

Michael Hart

Buddy Hartman

Craig Hathaway

Jo Lynn Haussmann

Debra Hawkins

Lisa Hendrickson

Fred Henning

Bill Henry

Deborah Hernandez

Jon Hernandez

Stephanie Hernandez

Pamela Hesselrode

Dr. James Hill

Matt Hines

Christine Holcomb

Alice Holliday

Clif Holliday

Karen Holmgren

Pamela Holt

Janice Horak

Dwayne Horner

Brad Horton

Alan Hughes

Kristen Hughes

Danny Hull

Amanda Dawn Inay

Chris Jackson

Wade Jacobs

Robbie Jacobson

Bill James

Sarah James

Misty Jasso

Robert Jayroe

Lane Jeffryes

Traci Jenkins

George Jetton

Cheri Jochim

Elizabeth Johansson

Christine Johnsen

Amy Johnson

Carol Johnson

Gary Johnson

Ginny Johnson

Jake Johnson

Juan Johnson

Maurice Johnson

Maria Jones

Deverick Jordan

Dudley Jordan

Joe Jordan

Megan Jordan

Jim Jorns

Melinda Kallmeyer

Steven Kaplan

Dan Katra

Dan Kauppi

Ricky Brent Keis

Russell Kendzior

Ann Kennedy

Jim Kelley

Melanie Kelley

Melanie Kelley

Amanda Kelsoe

Steven Kettering

Adam Kieda

Meg Kieda

Jeff King

Randy King

Casey Kirkpatrick

Lynn Kishaba

Merry Echo Davi-Klatt

Brenda Klemanchuck

Don Klick

Natalie Kloza

Kenneth Knight

Linda Knight

Martha Knight

Tom Knipper

John Paul Knuppe

Jennifer Kolb

Mike Kolb

Kerry Konecny

Michael D Korenman

Jennifer Kovach

Linda Krishna

Michael Krone

Bert Lacativo

Jeanne LaCosse

Judy Laing

Mellany Lamb

Melissa Lambert

Lavonda Landrum

Joe Lanza

Ramona Lanza

Luis F Lara

Valerie Lavalley

Gloria Lawrence

Angela Layfield

Berna Dean Lee

Wayne Lee

Deborah ​Leggett

Larry Dale Lehrmann

Erik Leist

Norma LeLux

Geraldine Lewis

Charlie Lewis

Sherry Lewis

Douglas Lies

Nancy A Lindley

Michael Little

Tina Little

Bill Lloyd

Chuck Lo

William R Loflin

Gail Lokey

Scott Lokey

Jorge F Lopez

Christopher Lott

Joan Lott

Vickie Lough

Mary Lowe

Scott Lowe

Terry Lowry

Pamela Lucas

Lisa Lumley

Stephen Lutrell

Steve Lutz

Joe Lynch

Albert MacDonald

Janell Macphearson

Mary Maddux

Darius Maggi

Kyle Magruder

Ron Mankins

Rex Mann

Krista Manning

Ralph Manning

Christopher Macharelli

Jessica Marchetti

Nick Marchetti

Robert Mark

Debra Markham

John Marin

Joralyn Marin

Rob Marr

Sandra Marsiglia

Bret Martin

Emmanuel Martinez

Melissa Masters

Helen Mateki

Paul Mateki

Tommy May

Katie Mayberger

Payton Mayes

John McAfee

Lisa McBay

Brian McCall

Bonnie McCall

Fred McCarty

Julie McCarty

Randall McCauley

David McClelland

Tom McMeans

Melissa McCure

Ashley McCurry

Brandon McCurry

Kim McEwin

Cathy McFadden

Jade McGaw

Eugene McGuire

Leisa McKibbin

Billy McDonald

Cheryl McDonald

Grayson McDonald

Jennifer McDonald

Marisa McFadin

Kelly McGuire

Connor McKay

Melissa McKechnie

Robert McMenomy

Nancy McReynolds

Marvin Medelle

John Meek

Craig Meeke

A R Melend

Jorge Menchaca

Steve Merimonti

Natalie Merkord

Spencer Merkord

John Meritt

Nathan Merritt

Doris Meyer

Janet Middlebrooks

Guy Midkiff

Chris Milani

Aaron Miller

Eileen Miller

Jennifer Miller

MaryEllen Miller

Alain Miranda

Ali Mirza

Rick Mitchell

Russ Mitchell

April Modrycki

Syed Mohiuddin

John Monreal

Raul Montes

Katheryn Moore

Michele Moore

Rey Moreno

Jan Morga

Wesley Morgan

Eric Morris

Stacey Lightfoot Morse

Brandon Mortensen

David Mosby

Ellen Mossberg

Jason Mueller

Matt Muns

Sarah Muns

Tammy Murray

Augustin Mutemberezi

Claire Nelson

Helen Nelson

Mary Nelson

Rob Nelson

Donny Nevels

Roy Newman

Jenny Nguyen

Linda Nolan

Mark Norcini

Allegra Norman

Gillian Norman

John Norman

Katherine Norman

Cynthia Northrop

Marian Norwood

Robert Nussbaum

Mike Oakley

Dorrie O'Brien

Lindsey Oglesby

Tyler Oglesby

Noé Olmos

Ekundayo Ologan

Jennifer Olson

Lynn O'Meara

Bebe Ortega

Burinda Ortega

Manny Ortega

Scott Owen

Dr. Carey Page

Doug Page

Ed Palm

Michael Palys

Laura Parks

Spencer Parks

Joseph Parris

Myles Rease Parton

Jessica Patterson

Margarita Patterson

Bobby Patton, Jr.

Jeffrey Paul

Joe Paul

Brooke Pazera

Mike Pazera

Susan Peabody

Keith Pearson

Ann D Peck

John Peeler

John D Peet

Delores Pell

Ronald Pendergraft

Bonnie Pendergrass

Chris Pendergrass

Zack Penn

Debbie Pentz

Stephanie Perdue

Irene L Perez

Kerry Perkins

Matt Perkins

Janie Perlman

Zsuzsa Perry

David Petter

Linda Pfaff

Cheryl Phalen

John Phalen

Dolly Phillips

Matthew Pholy

Chip Pierce

Gentry Wayne Pierce

Devin R. Pipes

Elise Pistor

Robert Piveral

Steve C Poe

Cory Postema

David Potenza

Jolyn Potenza

Dave Premo

Lisa Premo

Debra Price

Robyin Pucci

Sergio Pucci

Mona Puente

Vince Puente

Chris Putnam

Hilary Rabeler

Tyler Radbourne

Cassie S Rainey

Donald Rawe

Bobby Rawls

Lisa Ray

Stacy Reddy

Cassie Redinger

Sallie Reece

Carol Reed

Mercedes Reed

Wesley Reeder

Don Reukema

Austin Reynolds

Danny Reynolds

Kristin Reynolds

Leanna Reynolds

David Rhoades

Theresa Rhoades

Fran Rhodes

Dr. Brian Rich

Linda Rich

Mark Rich

Terry Rich

Don Richards

Rose Richmond

William Rickett

Danae Riddel

Donna Riddle

Sunnye Loftin-Riggs

Tony Rizzo

Shelley Perdue-Roach

Rick Robb

Beth Roberson

Tandy Roberon

Thomas Roberson

Kerri Roberts

Matthew Roberts

Dr. Richard Roberts

Madeline Robison

Sheena Rodriguez

Stephanie Roehm

Sarah Rogers

Marta Roper

Gabriel Gil Rosa

Eric Rose

Yitzchok Rosenberg

Vandolyn Roszell

Jeffrey Roth

Craig Rothmeier

Lisa Rubio

Kevin Rudy

Michaela Ruiz

Linda Rush

Donny Rutherford

Mika Ryan

Patrick Ryan

Trish Rylee

Annette Saewert

Chelsea Salamone

Nick Salamone

Juan Saldivar

Robert Sammons

Gloria B. Sanchez

Michelle Sanchez

Ch Sandfordno

Cristina Sansone

Joe Sansone

Kevin Sapaugh

Paul Allen Sarver

Cody Savage

Mandy Savage

John Schaffer

Patrick Schatzline

Barry Scheu

Sara Scheideman

Maureen Schmuhl

Jon Schneider

Rachel Schneider

Thomas Schlueter

Kathryn Schruba

Anthony D Scott

Harold Scott

Mike Scott

Pastor James Schaare

Cheryl Schoening

Ann Schulze

Kathryn Schruba

Lori Segal

Paul Segal

Steve Selinger

Landon Self

Lucila Seri

Byron Severson

Alex Sexton

Jennifer Sexton

Wanda Sharp

Josh Shatley

David Sheehan, CPA

Jay Sheely

Tami Sheely

Allison Shelby

Sandra Shelton

Ashley Sifuentes

Kerry Silversmith

Kelly Simpson

Tammie Sisco

Mark Sivers

Mike Sivertsen

John Sledge

Jeff Small

Jiri Smetana

Bo Smith

Douglas Smith

Janine Smith

Jason Smith

Jearld Smith

Ken Smith

Mary Smith

Melissa Smith

Natalie Smith

Warren Smith

Zach Smith

Leslie Sommer

Gennaro Sortini

Dr. Danny Souder

Daniel Southerland

Graylene Spain

Kim Spain

Paul Spain

Alyson Speer

Esther Spickler

Matthew Spano

Candy Speakmon

Alyson Speer

Tirzah Spencer

Esther Spickler

Brandee Stacy

Christy Stacy

John Stacy

Mitch Stacy

Ron Stacy

Ross Staffel

Steve Stahler

Greg Stamps

Kelly Stanley

Lee Stanley

Jennifer Stapleton

Sean Stapleton

Karen Starnes

Melissa Steed

Rev. Dr. Keren Micha-El Stein

Mason Stephen

Ronald Stephens

Martha Sterling

Bobby Steward

Bob Stewart

Scott Stewart

Shane Stewart

Sheila Stewart

Stephanie Stewart

Scott Stier

Danny Stilson

Reecia Stoglin

Jenny Story

Amy Strawn

Dudley Strawn III

Hans-Peter Frank Strayer

Jennifer Sugg

Christina Taggart

Beverly Tate

John Tate

John Michael Tate

Kelli Tate

Michael Tate

Dr. Michael Tate

Ryan Tate

Sommer Tate

Sue Tate

Tara Tate

Tony Tate

Dr. Tyler Tate

Bill Taylor

Doug Taylor

Mike Taylor

Rhonda Taylor

Chris Teape

Debbie Teape

David Teitelbaum

Melinda Teitelbaum

Joe Terry

John Thane

Miriam Thapa

Natan Ton-That

Nelson J. Thibodeaux, Jr.

Angela Thomas

Nathan Thomas

Rob Thomas

Susy Thomas

Mary Thomason

Brian Thompson

Chelsea Thompson

Sylvia Thompson

​Nathan Thornburg

Melanie Throne

Annette Thurlow

Susan Tibbetts

Vicki Timothy

Craig Tipping

Todd Tipton

Ty Tipton

Justin Todd

Christen Tomcheck

Guy Tomcheck

Dawn Tongish

Anabelle Torres

Manny Torres

Marleah Joanne Tousignant

Mary Michael Townsend

Donna Tribunella

Harlon Trowbridge

Janice Tyler

Patrick Tyler

Maria Upperman

Amanda Upton

Jared Upton

Lauren Vago

Susan Valliant

Hunter Van Zandt

Daniel Vasquez

Sanjay Veerabathina

Paul Venter

Lisa Ventura

Alex Verba

Trey Verbick

Stacey Verbick

Maria Vest

Wayne Via

Howell Vickie

Hunter Viken

Deborah Villicana

Meggan Vogt

Cynthia Wagner

Eric Wahl

Kerina Wahl

Barbara Walker

Cody Walker

Jamie Walker

Nils Walker

Elizabeth Wall

Kimberly Walsh

Becky Wambsganss

Walker Wambsganss

William Ward Warren

Amy Watts

Pam Weatherford

Nicole Weaver

Catie Weitkamp

Rob Weitkamp

James Welsh

Bette West

Kristina Denapolis West

Ronald West

Jeff Wharton

Kara Whillock

Leann White

Sukhjiwan White

Rose Whitington

Angie Whitney

Carol Widmann

Holly Butcher Wierick

Gregory Wilhelm

Greg Will

David A. Williams

Diana Williams

Edmond Williams

Luisa Williams

Paul L Williams

Saundra Williams

Amy Williamson

Betsy Williford

Deanna Willis

Roy Willis

Barbara Wilson

Christi Cantu Wilson

Elizabeth Wilson

James Wilson

Kirk Wilson

Kristy Winkler

Darin Winn

Chris Wolf

Lily Wong

Gina Reno Woodlee

Tim Woodlee

Amy Woodward

Jamie Wooldridge

Sally Wooldridge

Kim Worley

Laura Wright

Lisa Wynne

Bill Wysoski

Sherron Yarborough

Jennifer Young

Jon Young

Deidre Yuknavich

Les Zellan

Jordan Zier

Krista Zier

Michael Zier

Robyn Zier

Linda Zillinger

William Zimmerman

Jeff Zumwalt

*Name listed for identification purposes only

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