"Tim O'Hare has my full support in his campaign for County Judge. I've known Tim for many years and have come to know him as a man of integrity and vision. His long history of successful leadership and his commitment to accountability, transparency, and fiscal conservatism make him the best person for this important job. Join me in supporting Tim O'Hare for Tarrant County Judge."

-Sheriff Bill Waybourn

"I have enjoyed the privilege of working with Tim O'Hare in many settings over the past several years. What you get with Tim is a man of integrity, passion, and a willingness to do what is right even in the face of opposition. If Tim makes a promise, I know I can count on Tim to keep his word."

-Pastor Doug Page, First Baptist Church Grapevine

"Tim O'Hare is a man of great character. I have complete confidence Tim will make an exceptional County Judge, and that he will lead with the utmost commitment to honesty and accountability. As someone who has committed my career to protecting religious liberty, I would be thrilled to have Tim in office, because I know he will always do all in his power to defend the religious liberty of all Americans."

-Kelly Shackelford, President and CEO of First Liberty Institute

"I've known Tim O'Hare for more than 15 years. There's no finer man, or Lone Star State patriot, to be found anywhere. When important decisions have to be made for Tarrant County...you want Tim O'Hare making them."

-Jon-David Wells, long-time DFW Conservative Talk Radio Host

"I've known Tim O'Hare for years. He's been a consistent warrior for conservative principles and the rule of law. Tim understands that the American left deserves to be defeated, not accommodated. He would be a fantastic leader for Tarrant County."

Chris Salcedo, veteran television and WBAP radio broadcaster, author and political analyst

"Tim O'Hare is a true servant leader. He has demonstrated this time and time again with his family his business and in his public service. I trust Tim to serve his constituents with the highest degree of integrity and character."

Chad Hennings, Super Bowl Champion, Air Force Veteran, & Dallas Cowboys alum

"I am excited to support Tim O'Hare for Tarrant County Judge. Having known Tim for many years now- I know he has the skills, the experience, and the passion to do this job well. Under his leadership, Tarrant County will lead the state in championing conservative principles. Tim O'Hare will make a great County Judge."

-Matt Krause, State Representative District 93

“Tim will bring fresh viewpoints and attitudes to county government. His background and experience make him the best choice for our taxpayers.”

-Tom Wilder, District Clerk

"We've seen the importance of County Judge over this past year and how the decisions made by that office have direct impact on every citizen in the county. We need leadership that isn't afraid to make the tough decisions and that will not waiver in the face of opposition. Tim O'Hare is exactly the kind of man of integrity that will help lead Tarrant County to new levels of success by allowing liberty to be the rule instead of the exception."

-Dr. Randy Robbins, Southlake City Council

"Now more than ever, we need unapologetic leaders willing to fight for us in Tarrant County. Tim O’Hare has a proven record of successful leadership and service to our community. I am proud to support him for Tarrant County Judge."

-Callie Rigney, Colleyville City Council Place 6

"I am thrilled Tim has announced he is running for County Judge and am enthusiastically endorsing him for this position. His patience, integrity and ability to lead are qualities needed to successfully oversee the Tarrant County Commissioners Court. Having worked closely with Tim, I know he will bring a calm demeanor, a willingness to listen, and will always look out for the best interests of the citizens in this county. It is a true honor to provide him my unwavering support."

-Cam Bryan, CISD School Board Trustee

“I’m honored to endorse Tim O’Hare for Tarrant County Judge. Tim has a distinguished record of public service that positions him well to serve our county as its highest elected official. His fiscal conservatism, legal expertise, and sterling character are precisely what our county needs at this critical time. Tim will ask the hard questions and make the difficult decisions to keep our county government transparent and accountable to the tax payers. I have no doubt that Tim will make an outstanding county judge.”

-Hannah Smith, CISD School Board Trustee

"As Tarrant County GOP Chair, Tim did an excellent job leading Republicans to victory, promoting election integrity, and growing our Party. I'm confident he will do an exceptional job as Tarrant County Judge."

-Tom Mechler, former Texas GOP State Chair

"Tim O'Hare is an honorable and experienced candidate for Tarrant County Judge. You can trust him to make wise decisions that will benefit you and your family."

-Cathie Adams, former Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas

"I’ve known Tim since he moved to Tarrant county and stepped up to serve as the county Republican Party Chairman. I have found him to be reliable, trustworthy and a solid Christian conservative leader. His communication and leadership skills as the former mayor of Farmers Branch, Texas, drew national attention to his conservative views.  I am happy to endorse Tim O’Hare for Tarrant County Judge."
-David and Janet Halvorson, former SREC District 12


“Tim is a truly common-sense conservative who knows how to lead and how to work well with people of all backgrounds. He will serve Tarrant County with excellence.”
-Chuck Mogged, Tarrant County GOP Area Leader District 98

"Tim is first a man of excellent character. He stands for faith, family and freedom. He is well qualified through his education and life's experiences. He is dedicated to preserving our Constitutional Republic for the benefit of all people. Tim will be an excellent county judge. My wife Peggy and I are proud to endorse Tim for Tarrant County Judge." 

-Jim Borchert, Tarrant County GOP Area Leader District 95


“Tim is the real deal.  No one is more qualified to be our county's judge. Please vote O'Hare!”
-Mark Hanson, Precinct Chair 2055

"Tim O’Hare is the conservative candidate Tarrant County needs."

-Kitty Berger, Precinct Chair 1108

"I proudly endorse Tim O' Hare for County Judge. His past proven conservative leadership of the Tarrant County GOP and fearless management as the former Mayor of Farmers Branch makes him the right man at the right time for Tarrant County."
-Rick Roberts, Precinct Chair 3287

"Tim takes the time to research and consider approaches to any given issue, and articulates his conclusions effectively. Unlike the current judge, I have not seen Tim refuse to hear a viable opinion when cosidering a policy that effects many people."
-Jim Sutton, Precinct Chair 4410

"The difference is clear in this race. One is a true conservative and has the legal understanding to serve well. I endorse Tim O'Hare wholeheartedly."
-Becki Fowler, Precinct Chair 4532

“In 2006, I called then City Councilman Tim O'Hare, as I was a Professor of Government at Brookhaven College in Farmers Branch. Tim had no idea what he was getting himself into when he called me back and agreed to meet with me. I'm sure he was thinking why does this Liberal Government Professor wants to meet with me? But what he found was a Conservative Government Professor and to his surprise a Black American man. 

As we discussed the importance in our students really understanding government through practical application. As I was a proponent of John Dewey's, a great philosopher of social education "Service Learning Model" of educating- students getting practical knowledge and application of our local governmental system. Tim agreed with no hesitation. 

We helped thousands of students learn the voting system by participating in campaigns, registering people to vote, attending council meetings, and proposing policy which was adopted in their council. Tim facilitated all of that with me. I believe in building relationships. It is obvious we built a bond which will never die. We sowed seeds in many people lives through education in those years together. It's my turn to return the favor and help him become our Tarrant County Judge.”
-Marshall Hobbs, Precinct Chair 1120

"As a GOP Precinct Chair in Grapevine, I saw the commitment Tim O’Hare brought to the Southlake School Board election fight.  I am confidant he will bring that same commitment to the Tarrant County Judge Position.  I fully endorse Tim O’Hare."

-Alan Drennan, Precinct Chair 3542

“Tim O'Hare is a true conservative who cares about his community and Tarrant County and the rule of law.  He actively fights for conservative values and for families.”

-Susan Valliant, Precinct Chair 2174

"Tim O'Hare is an honorable man a true conservative and I am honored to endorse him."

-Mark Liberto, Precinct Chair 2309

"Tim O'Hare's record proves he is a Conservative leader."

-Jane Graf, Precinct Chair 1641

"I’ve served with Tim in the Tarrant County Republican Party and I believe he will make a phenomenal judge for our great county."

-Michael Sabat, Precinct Chair 2299

"I have known Tim for years.  He is a lead from the front leader. He won’t ask anyone to do something that he won’t do himself if he has the skills.  Our county resources have been tested by multiple large scale emergencies and disasters.  We need leadership that can work well under pressure while working with multiple agencies.  We need someone with sound financial management skills that has a track record in leading organizations and businesses with success.  This is not a photo opportunity job, this is a job where if mistakes are made the consequences can be grave. One of the first safe guards of the Constitution is with the County Judge. We need leadership that will apply the Constitution to all decision making.  Based on resume and body of work, there is only one clear choice, Tim O’Hare."

-Gerald Kern, Precinct Chair 2541

"Tim O’Hare will bring a strong, unbiased, by-the-law judgment to our county. Thank you, Tim for your desire to step-up in defense of our County, State & Nation."

-Carol Coy, Precinct Chair 3509

"There is only one truly and veteran conservative in this race. Tim O'hare is a proven conservative with the persistence, enthusiasm and dedication to keep Tarrant County Red."

-Hector Casanova, Precinct Chair 2173

"I have been impressed with Tim’s service and values. I am glad to support him."

-Dynna Groves, Precinct Chair 3567

“I’ve known Tim for four years. He has previously held positions in public office and he is a very successful attorney. He’s a man of faith and integrity and he will do a great job.”
-Byron Severson

“Tim is a true conservative who will work hard for Tarrant County.”
-Dusty Fillmore

“I believe Tim will uphold the Constitution and lead with integrity!”
-Karen Starnes

“Tim O'Hare will make an excellent county judge. He is conservative and will work to keep Tarrant Count red!”
-Vandolyn Roszell

“Cares about his community and will fight hard for the taxpayers!”
-Kirk Challgren

“I have known Tim & his family for several years. He is passionate about helping others and cares about his community. As a life-long resident of Tarrant County, I am proud to endorse Tim for Tarrant County Judge!”
-Amanda Upton

“Tim O’Hare proved to have the conservative values & integrity required as he served as Tarrant County Republican Party Chairman. Tim honors and upholds our Republican Party Platform and the Constitution and would govern as Tarrant County Judge accordingly. As a longtime member and Officer of TFRW Clubs in Tarrant County I am proud to endorse Tim O’Hare!”
-Shanda Perkins

“Before I knew Tim O’Hare as my son-in-law, I followed his political career closely because it was refreshing to see a young single man fighting so hard for the integrity of his then community. Twelve years later, I have come to know and love that the man that I followed so closely before, is even more special and kinder than I could have imagined. He fights hard, but fair. I proudly support Tim O’Hare for Tarrant County Judge!”
-Ricky Grunden

“Tim will be an excellent judge after seeing him manage (Tarrant County GOP Executive Committee) EC meetings his calm was a blessing.”
-Kim George

“It's my absolute honor to endorse my friend, Tim O'Hare, for Tarrant County Judge. I know Tim to be a man of faith, a man of honor, and a man of conviction. His record, as an elected official, is impeccable, and his involvement in his community is invaluable. He has given countless hours, protecting all Texans from some of the most divisive and destructive ideological forces our country has ever seen. As Tarrant County Judge, I have no doubt he will continue to stand strong in his convictions and provide principled leadership for all his constituents.”
-Adam Butcher

“It is time for a true conservative be elected to this office. There is much to clean up in Tarrant County including elections and the health department. Transparency is much needed.”
-Nancy Groves


"A few years ago Tim was elected to be the Chair of the TC GOP. That is when I met and became friends with Tim.  I admired his vision as well as his love of our Lord, family and this community. As City Councilman and Mayor of Farmers Branch he made a significant impact for conservative values. Tim will be a strong leader, not afraid of the Media or not following the establishment. Tim will make a difference and make Tarrant County a place for families to be proud they live here. God bless Tim and his family!"

-Vince Puente

"Tim is the unwavering and bold leadership that Tarrant County needs!"

-Hilary Rabeler

"Known Tim for a long time, all around good guy- man of faith and a trustable person!"

-Robbie Jacobson

"Tim is right. As a former precinct chair, and having worked with him on several difficult issues as a committee member, I endorse him without reservation."

-Carey Page

"Top 3 reasons I endorse Tim O’Hare for Tarrant County Judge:

1. Pro Business - It was wrong for Tarrant County to shut down and bankrupt small businesses during COVID.  Tim will defend business owners, and our right to shop and eat where we choose.

2. Low Taxes - It was wrong for Tarrant County to take advantage of increasing property values to rake in excessive tax revenues.  Tim will reduce our taxes and spend our tax dollars wisely.

3. Liberty - It was wrong for Tarrant County to interfere with our right to go to church, and attempt to shut down our schools.  Tim will defend our rights and our children’s education."

-Jeff Bartlett

"Tim O’Hare is a proven leader, excellent family man, and successful business man. His track record for conservative principles makes him the best choice for the tax payers of Tarrant County."

-David McClelland

"I have worked with Tim on several projects over the last year, and I can attest to his honesty & integrity. He is a leader who does the right thing, even if it’s not the easiest or most popular route. Tim has the full support of my family for Tarrant County Judge."

-Jolyn Potenza

“Tim is a staunch conservative dedicated to less government, fiscal responsibility and lower taxes.”
-Bob Stewart

“Tim has integrity and Christian values.  He has the credentials to be an exceptional Judge for our County Commissioners Court.”
-Janice Tyler

“As the True Texas Project Liaison to the Tarrant County Commissioners Court, I know how much Tarrant County needs a leader like Tim O'Hare. Join me in supporting Tim O'Hare, a true conservative leader for Tarrant County Judge!”
-Devin R. Pipes

“After seeing Tim's leadership over the years, I can attest to his conservative views.  I proudly endorse Tim O'Hare.”
-David Mosby


"I have known Tim since we were kids, He possesses the leadership skills, intelligence and a common sense approach to decision making that will be refreshing in today's political climate!"

-Rob Fraiche

"I'm excited that Tim O'Hare is running for this position. He is THE REAL DEAL."

-Mona Puente

"Tim is always straight forward and forthright."

-Tommy May

"I have worked closely with Tim in the past and extend my wholehearted endorsement that Tim will promote the limited government limited spending traditions that have made Texas strong."

-William Zimmerman

"Tim O’Hare is a man of sound principles and can be counted on to follow the founding constitutional documents as written."

-Greg Girard

"Experience, work ethic, integrity and a public servant’s heart—Tim O’Hare possesses all of these attributes."

-Anne Coker

"We fully support Tim in his run for County Judge.  He is an upstanding guy with the right character or morals for this job!"

-Kevin Casey

"Tim gets things done and is always a dependable conservative!"

-Janet Middlebrooks

"I was a precinct chair while Tim was the County Chair.  His leadership in that role, and his involvement in our local governments, leaves me with no doubt that he is the best choice in this race."

-Matthew Spano

"Tim is EXACTLY what our community needs as a leader at this pivotal time in our country's state. He knows our values and is willing to stand up and make sure our voices are heard."

-Bret Martin

"I had seen his work throughout the years, around town, since I lived in Dallas, and far north Dallas, he protected citizens there.. I support his efforts here too!"

-Stephanie Hernandez

"Tim O'Hare will restore our liberties and lead based on strong Christian and conservative principles."

-Leo Del Calvo

"Tim is a true conservative and we need a real conservative to lead our party. Lisa and I proudly stand behind Tim."

-Bobby Rawls

"Tarrant County needs Tim O’Hare- his values are with the people and their liberties!"

-Mary and Scott Lowe

"I proudly endorse Tim O’Hare for Tarrant County Judge.  I have gotten to know Tim over the past recent years and seen his leadership first-hand to help constitutional conservative values locally and at the state level.  We’d be well served with Tim in this position!"

-Andrew Yeager

"I know Tim to be a man of God.  He was great Mayor for Farmers Branch, and is a man who loves his wife and kids."

-Terry Grimm

"As the founder and admin of the Richland Hills Social Club and the Richland Hills Politics group on Facebook, I am proud to endorse Tim as a dedicated and fair-minded  conservative.  We need Tim as Tarrant County Judge!"

-Stacy Reddy

"Tim hands down is the best man for this job!"

-Joe Lynch

"I have heard Tim speak twice now and believe him to the be the true Constitutional conservative to stand firm against the left and help return Tarrant County to a free and prosperous place."

-Traci Jenkins

"I proudly endorse Tim O’Hare for Tarrant County Judge. Tim is an excellent conservative with a proven track record."

-Scott Cox

"I don’t know Tim but I do know Betsy’s record. I’m ready for conservative officials at every level of government. Tim can do the best job."

-Bette West

"A true conservative who is truly interested in election integrity. We need Fort Worth to stay RED!"

-TK Campbell

"I have known Tim for over 25 years and I strongly endorse him! Tim O'Hare is a true conservative unlike Betsy Price."

-Danny Hull

"The only thing needed for evil to persist is for good people to do nothing. Thank you for standing for what is right."

-Barry Scheu

"Tim is extremely talented and capable!!!"

-Louis Corna

"Tim O’Hare’ leadership is needed to help Tarrant County restore and maintain the conservative values that made Texas the great State it is historically been."

-Joe and Ramona Lanza

"We need a conservative to lead us forward and not allow the leftist socialist to take control of our government."

-Maria Vest

Tim O'Hare will do great things for Tarrant County.  It is time to replace weak leadership with a strong, knowledgeable and proven effective leader with conservative, Christian values.  Tim will stand for what is right without reserve"

-Traci Jenkins

"He is a fearless fighter for genuine truth and justice!"

-Laura Wright

"I've known Tim for years, and I've witnessed his numerous success stories, beginning with his mayoral job, and culminating with his latest efforts to thwart the "Critical Race Theory" in his city's school board.  He's a true fighter and strong conservative! He has my full endorsement!!"

-Kelly Canon

"Tim is a strong conservative with an ability to bring together similar folks to achieve great things."

-Eric Wahl

"Tim will be an outstanding county judge."

-Jearld Smith

"My wife and I are proud to endorse Tim O’Hare for County Judge.  He’s a great leader who will stand for conservative principles!"

-Brad Horton

"Tim represents the conservative values that have made Tarrant County, and Texas, great places to work and raise a family. He has our family's full support."

-Amber Butcher

"Tarrant county needs a conservative judge who is willing to maintain our laws and also push back against the Beto leftists. We need to keep our county and towns red. We need must keep liberal ideology out of our public schools. Just one man's opinion."

-Danny Stilson

"We need new strong and proven blood in local government rather than career office holders!"

-Roy Willis

"There is nothing more important then having integrity, not politics, be your guiding light when it comes to our judges decision making. Now more than ever it is critical we have a man like Tim O'Hare fill this critical role in out community."

-David Potenza

"Having served in the Reagan Administration (1981-1988), been a Reagan Delegate from 6-TX to the 1976 Republican National Convention, Kansas City, and a Reagan Delegate from Virginia to the 1980 Republican National Convention, Detroit I think that I can tell a real conservative when I see one.  Tim O'Hare is a real conservative and that is why I am supporting him."

-David A. William

"Tim is a principled conservative who is not afraid of adversity. As mayor of Farmers Branch, he was a strong leader and in Southlake he stood against CRT in schools. We need a County Judge who knows how to not let government overstep its bounds and will not be afraid to lead in difficult times. Tim is that person!"

-Katheryn Moore

"Tim is a true conservative Republican who will help "Keep Texas Red". We need people just like Tim in political offices and school boards up and down the spectrum. He is a man of true courage and conviction."

-John Peeler